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Rhachiocephalus papers

Got anyone this papers to send me a copy?

Maisch, M. W. 2000. Observation on Karoo vertebrates. Part 1. The taxonomic status of Rhachiocephalus usiliensis (von Huene, 1942) (Therapsida, Dicynodontia) from the Upper Permian Kawinga Formation of Tanzania. Neues Jahrbuch fÃr Geologie und PalÃontologie Monatshefte 2000:15â28.

Maisch, M. W. 2005. Observations on Karoo and Gondwana vertebrates. Part 6. A new rhachiocephalid dicynodont (Therapsida) from the Upper Permian of the Ruhuhu Basin (Tanzania). Neues Jahrbuch fÃr Geologie und PalÃontologie Abhandlungen 237:313â355.

Maisch, M. W. 1999. The tetrapods from the Late Permian of Tanzania in the collections of the Institut und Museum fÃr Geologie und PalÃontologie der UniversitÃt TÃbingen, with special reference to the pristerodontian dicynodonts Rhachiocephalus and Pelanomodon. Ph. D. Dissertation, UniversitÃt TÃbingen, 350 pp.

Thanks in advance.

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