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Re: Privately-Owned Alioramus

I have seen only one Alioramus skull other than the type before, and that
only in photos. The specimen in question *might* be the one that was just
sold (it was similarly complete,  but had not been prepped out to this
degree by any means!).

To my knowledge, only the type is in a museum.

>From what I hear from Currie, Ryan, and others, illegal fossil hunting is
becoming routine in the Nemegt Formation, so there are many excellent
specimen of rare (and possibly even unpublished) species in private--and
apparently secret--hands.

quailspg@frii.com wrote:
> Adam Pritchard wrote:
>> Regardless of the debate on private collecting,
>> I just thought it would be a good idea to put the
>> word out that more remains attributed to Alioramus
>> exist.  I also hoped that someone might shed
>> light on the mention of more Alioramus skulls
>>  Are any of these in the hands of museums or
>> paleo-friendly institutions?
> Wasn't there a skull on display (or for sale?) at the Denver Gem & Mineral
> Show/Fossil Expo last year -- or maybe a couple years ago? Mary, didn't I
> send you a photo of that?
> -- Donna Braginetz

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