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Land of the Lost review-spoiler?

I went to an early screening of Land of the Lost last night, and overall it was a threadbare comedy that seemed as if the shot it with the first draft of the script. The Page Museum had some great advertising though, and Farell wore their logo on his shirt.

Grumpy the T.rex was fun, and there was some really great facial animation on him that I have not seen in a dinosaur before. Nice subtle stuff like inflation of the antorbital fenestra when he huffed and puffed and simple lip movements that all seemed plausible. Lots of featherless raptors and a very Luis Rey inspired Allosaurus. Will Ferrel makes the point that Grumpy is just a giant bird of prey and not a big lizard, and the less intelligent member of the party quips " thats disputable",which I thought was funny.

  The designs seemed to be intentionally "puffy" and slightly cartoony.

When the plot doesn't happen and they let the actors have free for all comedy scenes the movie is at its best, Too many sex jokes for kids. I'd still rather watch my full DVD collection of the original series which I adored as a kid. I have no idea how I had a crush on Holly, her whining voice was ear splitting!