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Re: Land of the Lost review-spoiler?

I saw an advanced screening of the movie on Tuesday, for reasons I will
post tomorrow. Grumpy definitely is an interesting character!

Will Ferrell's "paleontologist" character seems to be a field-theory
physicist based on his research, even if he is at the Page.

I, too, much prefer the original. For all its Saturday morning family
schmaltziness, it still had a cadre of top-notch science fiction
screenwriters (David Gerrold, Larry Niven, Ben Bova, Ted Sturgeon, D.C.
Fontana, etc.), who managed to slip a lot of high-concept stuff into a Sid
& Marty Krofft show.

David Krentz wrote:
> I went to an early screening of Land of the Lost last night, and
> overall it was a threadbare comedy that seemed as if the shot it with
> the first draft of the script. The Page Museum had some great
> advertising though, and Farell wore their logo on his shirt.
> Grumpy the T.rex was fun, and there was some really great facial
> animation on him that I have not seen in a dinosaur before.  Nice
> subtle stuff like inflation of the antorbital fenestra when he huffed
> and puffed and simple lip movements that all seemed plausible.   Lots
> of featherless raptors and a very Luis Rey inspired Allosaurus.  Will
> Ferrel makes the point that Grumpy is just a giant bird of prey and
> not a big lizard, and the less intelligent member of the party quips "
> thats disputable",which I thought was funny.
>    The designs seemed to be intentionally "puffy" and slightly cartoony.
>    When the plot doesn't happen and they let the actors have free for
> all comedy scenes the movie is at its best,  Too many sex jokes for
> kids.  I'd still rather watch my full DVD collection of the original
> series which I adored as a kid.  I have no idea how I had a crush on
> Holly, her whining voice was ear splitting!
> D

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