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Re: Land of the Lost review-spoiler?

All these years after his death, I'm glad to see Sturgeon still acknowledged as the great writer that he was. 'Killdozer' and 'Baby is Three' will never grow old. Most SF authors (even the good ones) remain poor as churchmice. Once, Ted mentioned to Robert Heinlein that he needed his typewriter repaired and didn't have the money -- Robert took care of it. Another time, he told Robert he was struggling with writer's block. Shortly after, page upon page of short story plotlines showed up in the mail. Ted said he used those plotlines that Robert gave him for years after that. I'd heard those two stories for years, and didn't really believe them, but Ginny (Robert's widow) told me they were true. Robert and Ginny were good folks.

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........ it still had a cadre of top-notch science fiction
screenwriters (....Ted Sturgeon, ......)