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Re: Land of the Lost review-spoiler?

Yes, he did. But, as you say, the lip muscles are there to make the
dinosaurs more anthropomorphic.

There is another (in this case physiological) violation of the EPB as a
plot point; I'll highlight it tomorrow...

Augusto Haro wrote:
> Not trying to look like a know-it-all bozo role by criticizing a
> movie, but... didn't Witmer indicated it was more parsimonious to
> admit dinosaurs didn't have lip musculature, because of the EPB? (such
> muscles are lacking in birds and crocodiles I think - although not so
> sure of this in the case of crocodiles). That being said, it seems
> they need to make lip movements for the character to possess
> mammal-like gesture and thus to be amicable to kids.

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