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Re: Land of the Lost review-spoiler?

Dear List,

Please correct me if I misunderstand, but since lepidosaurs + crocodiles do not 
bracket dinosaurs, lizards are inapplicable phylogenetically.

They are possibly applicable from a comparative anatomical perspective, 
however. Which leads me to question whether lizards have muscular or unmuscled 
lips. Surely some on this list have dissected lizard faces?

I have never heard of nor seen active flexion of lizard lips, but my experience 
is limited to zoos, google image searches, and pet iguanas.

If dinosaurs had lizardlike facial skin overhanging their teeth, they still may 
not have had a muscular lip structure, unfortunately for Hollywood.

Demetrios Vital 

2009/6/4, David Marjanovic <david.marjanovic@gmx.at>:

> In birds, the beak means that lips _cannot_ be present. Lip muscles are thus
> _not_ "absent", but _"inapplicable"_ in birds, means, _unknown_ for the
> purposes of phylogenetic bracketing. So, the EPB for nonavian dinosaurs
> consists of the crocodiles and the lepidosaurs; the birds must be ignored.
> Crocodiles lack lips.