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Re: New Ruben Paper

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From: "Michael Mortimer" <mickey_mortimer111@msn.com>
Sent: Tuesday, June 09, 2009 10:09 PM

Because BAND researchers have a habit of ignoring data that's been discovered after 1980, in this case Pedopenna, scansoriopterygids, Lori, Koparion and other Morrison teeth, Zinke's teeth from Guimarota...

*Pedopenna* and the scansoriopterygids may not count, because they're from the Daohugou Beds, which could be as young as Barremian. However, what does count is our very own Scott Hartman's undescribed troodontid from the Morrison Formation (SVP meeting abstract 2007), and most likely also the "raptor" that Nate Murphy stole.

And some of those teeth from Guimarota are specifically "dromaeosaurine". That puts a lot of dromaeosaurid phylogeny into the Kimmeridgian or earlier.

The reason the BANDits don't know about any of that stuff is plain obvious: _not one of them is interested in nonavian dinosaurs_. Not one of them follows the relevant literature. They don't know, and they don't care! So they end up making one argument from ignorance after another. Including howlers like how Feduccia wrote in his 1996 book that the predator-prey ratios of Late Cretaceous dinosaurs aren't evidence for endothermy because the hadrosaurs were _*AQUATIC*_ and therefore had a much higher preservation potential than the tyrannosaurs!!! It's so embarrassing, I get a bellyache every time I think of it. And then a headache.


Hang on a second. What is *Lori*???