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Re: New Ruben Paper

Wait a minute. From reading the article, the authors of the paper seem
to be saying that non-avian Dinosaurs didn't have air sacs like birds.
I know for a fact that many Theropods and Sauropods had pneumaticized
bones, especially the most bird-like ones (Dromaeosaurs, Tyrannosaurs
etc.). Pneumaticized bones means one-way, bird-style lungs, right? If
that type of lung was working just great for Dinosaurs that moved
their femurs a lot, than why is that a problem? Modern birds having
the lung-collapse problem seems perfectly plausible, but saying that
Dinosaurs couldn't have had lung systems like that it idiotic.

Also, from what I've read of bird taxonomy, this thread, and the
extreme alikeness of bird and Dinosaur skeletons, any non-Dinosaur
bird origin seems like BS. There's no support for it, besides a couple
of bad arguments.