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RE: New Ruben Paper

David Marjanovic wrote-

> Hang on a second. What is *Lori*???
Lori is Hartman's Morrison troodontid you mentioned.
undescribed troodontid (Hartman, Lovelace and Wahl, 2005)
Late Kimmeridgian, Late Jurassic
Brushy Basin Member of the Morrison Formation, Wyoming, US
Material- (WDC DML0001; Lori) (~1.5 m; adult) incomplete skull, incomplete 
mandible, hyoid, four cervical vertebrae, cervical rib, dorsal vertebra, 
several partial dorsal ribs, twelve caudal vertebrae, four chevrons, partial 
scapula, partial coracoid, furcula, incomplete humerus, distal radius, distal 
ulna, radiale, semilunate carpal, metacarpal I, manual ungual I, metacarpal II, 
manual ungual II, metacarpal III, partial phalanx III-1, phalanx III-2, phalanx 
III-3, manual ungual III, ilial fragment, incomplete femur, tibia, fibula, 
proximal tarsus, distal tarsal, metatarsal II, metatarsal III, phalanx III-1, 
phalanx III-2, pedal ungual III, metatarsal IV, phalanx IV-1, phalanx IV-2, 
phalanx IV-3, phalanx IV-4, metatarsal V
Comments- This specimen was discovered in 2000 or 2001 and will be described 
soon. In Hartman et al.'s (2005) preliminary analysis, it claded with 
Reference- Hartman, Lovelace and Wahl, 2005. Phylogenetic assessment of a 
maniraptoran from the Morrison Formation. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology. 
25(3), 67A.
Mickey Mortimer