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RE: Sauropod necks, revisited...

Wow, a civilized interaction discussing evidence and conclusions reasonably
and towards a goal of everyone doing better research, what a concept....

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Subject: Sauropod necks, revisited...

GUY LEAHY writes:
 > Drs. Taylor, Naish and Wedel: Your paper provides an opportunity
 > for those interested in sauropods to re-visit the last decade of
 > work on sauropod neck posture, and through future exchanges I
 > believe some assumptions and conclusions will withstand scrutiny,
 > and others will be revised.
 > [...]
 > I am compiling additional resources, explanations, demonstrations,
 > and new 2D and 3D illustrations that hopefully address many of the
 > concerns you, Darren, and Matt raise.

Hi, Kent, thanks for this.  I'll leave you space and time to prepare
your full response before I go diving in and replying to any of the
specific points you raised in your message.  But I do just want to say
-- and I am sure that Matt and Darren will join me in this -- that I'm
delighted to know that you're working on this, and gratified that our
paper has helped to get things moving.  So far as we're concerned, the
more work that gets done on sauropod necks, the better!

See you in Bristol,

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