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Re: Pterosaur species list

Mike Hanson, who posts on this list from time to time, maintains an
excellent Pterosaur Species List, available here:


(current through January 31, 2009 at last check.)

I can think of one pterosaur that's been published since:

Changchengopterus pani (Lü)

Could be others, but that's the only one that springs to mind. Mike's work
is far more scholarly than anything I could produce, but as a passionate
enthusiast, I keep a database of all known dinosaur and pterosaur species.
(Well, all that are known to me anyway.) With a couple of mouse clicks, I
can produce either a pterosaur genera or species list that would align
relatively well with Mike's offering. If your interest is at the species
level, definitely go with Mike's. If for any reason you'd want to distill
that down to the generic level (something akin to Olshevsky's Dinosaur
Genera List, say), shoot me an email off list and I can send you a PDF file.
(I'd say the only real advantage is that I pop all newly published critters
into my system virtually the moment I hear of them, so my lists might be
marginally more up-to-date.)

Best regards,

Rob Taylor
The Theropod Archives

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Subject: Pterosaur species list

Can anyone tell me where I can find a complete list of known Pterosaur
species and genera?

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