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Introductory paper on transitional dinosaurs aimed at educators

Let's try this again with even plainer text than I tried using
before....and just how does one aim a dinosaur?

Here's a paper I came across in an educational journal aimed at people
teaching about evolution. I came across this  via a link on P.Z. Myers
blog, Pharyngula. It's from a journal called Evolution: Education and
Outreach . It looks like all the articles are open access. Linkage to
follow, but first the abstract;

Abstract  Dinosaurs have captured the popular imagination more than
any other extinct group of organisms and are therefore a powerful tool
in teaching evolutionary biology. Most students are familiar with a
wide variety of dinosaurs and the relative suddenness of their
extinction, but few are aware of the tremendous longevity of their
time on Earth and the richness of their fossil record. We first review
some of the best-known groups of dinosaurs and discuss how their
less-specialized relatives elucidate the path through which each
evolved. We then discuss our recent discovery of Yinlong downsi, a
distant relative of Triceratops, and other fossils from Jurassic
deposits in China to exemplify how the continuing discovery of fossils
is filling out the dinosaur family tree.

Article here:


Rest of journal here: