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Burke Museum (UWa) to be renovated

FYI, I've been asked to post the following:

   From: Christian Sidor <casidor@u.washington.edu>
   To: mrowe@lifesci.ucsb.edu
   Cc: Ron Eng <rceng@u.washington.edu>
   Subject: Post for DML

   The Burke Museum at the University of Washington will be undertaking a
   major renovation of its paleontological collections. This work will
   involve packing most of the collections and moving them to temporary
   storage. For this reason, access to the collections will be limited
   for the duration of the renovation: 15 August 2009 to 01 September

   Although we anticipate that most fossils should be accessible, we ask
   that research visits or loan requests be postponed.  If you have
   questions, please contact Ron Eng, Collections Manager, telephone: 206
   543 6776 or email: rceng@u.washington.edu

   We appreciate the community's patience while we improve our facility.


   Many thanks,

   Christian Sidor
   Curator of Vertebrate Paleontology
   Burke Museum of Natural History & Culture
   Box 353010
   University of Washington
   Seattle, WA 98195-3010

   206.221.4181 office
   206.221.3039 fax