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Re: Save the University of Wyoming Geological Museum

(Disclaimer, I know and like Brent Breithaupt and sincerely regret the loss 
 of jobs for so many people worldwide.)

I am skeptical that signing or  circulating a petition will do anything to 
stop the closing of the museum and  the loss of two jobs. No remedy or 
alternative is provided in the petition.  

What is the job description for Geological Museum  Director?    Since there 
is already a Collections Manager and a  Curator, according to Kelli's email 
below, what skills, responsibilities and  duties is Brent providing that 
are unique, critical and not redundant to the  duties of the present 
collections manager and curator?  On the Geological  Museum's website, Brent is 
described as Director and Curator.

--- On Tue,  6/9/09, Kelli Trujillo <kellitrujillo@wyoming.com> wrote:
> Date:  Tuesday, June 9, 2009, 12:39 PM
> No, Brent is the Director of the  Geological Museum, Mike
> Cassiliano is the Collections Manager, and Mark  Clementz is
> the Curator. Brent's position is the one that has  been
> eliminated (and his part-time secretary). 

As someone else  asked, what is the museum receiving in charitable gifts 
and donations?   Since it's a free museum and evidently not self-supporting, 
being funded by the  university puts it on the firing line when the budget is 
cut.  Are requests  for grants being made?  I don't see it listed on 
GuideStar.  What are  the yearly attendance figures at the museum?  What are 
profits from the  website giftshop?  

Does the Geological Museum not get a percentage  from the sale of casts 
from its  Apatosaurus?

"Currently,  staffers are working on an apatosaurus dinosaur fossil that's 
80 feet long. It  contains more than 400 bones. The apatosaurus - formerly 
brontosaurus - was  displayed at the University of Wyoming Geological Museum 
for almost 50 years.  Triebold Paleontology is restoring the fossil, 
cleaning it and then remounting  it for the museum. It also is creating a cast 
replica that will sell for  $175,000."

At least one cast has been sold, to the Tellus Museum in  Georgia. Were 
exclusive casting rights and profits given away in exchange for  the remount of 
the original?  A percentage of the sale from each cast could  help the 
museum be(come) self-sustaining.  

Christy Walton, one of  the world's richest women, lives in Jackson, 
Wyoming.  Someone should  (have) contacted her foundation. 

Charge admission to the  museum.

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