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Re: Introductory paper on transitional dinosaurs aimed at educators

Jocelyn Falconnet writes:
 > I'm pretty surprised to see that the figures are not credited in
 > the paper of Clark & Xu. Some of them come obviously from personal
 > data (e.g, photos, Dilong, Falcarius, Guanglong, Yinlong) but some
 > others are not, such as the reconstruction of Psittacosaurus
 > mongoliensis, taken from Osborn (1924). Also, I would like to know
 > where the reconstruction of Brachiosaurus brancai is coming from:
 > it does not resemble the ones I was used to see lastly. Is it all
 > new ?

It's Greg Paul's reconstruction, slightly modified from the classic
version found in his 1988 paper.  This version (neck less vertican,
and with much more epaxial soft tissue) is found in the Appendix (page
405) of the Scientific American Book of Dinosaurs, which Greg edited,
but I don't know whether that was its first appearance.

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