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Re: Descriptions for Ichthyosaur Genera

Andy said:
> Although I am loathe to recommend Wikipedia (not because it's a bad
> resource, but more because it's a few steps removed from primary
> literature), many of the articles on individual icthyosaur genera
> have references to the original paper. Also, a search on Google
> Scholar for each individual genus may also be helpful.

Problem is, Wiki doesn't have an article on every ichthyosaur genus, nor does 
every present article give the full citation. Also, since I'm making this 
request  because I'm *working* on a Wikipedia article I'd rather have an 
external source for the info so that I can source things confidently. 

Google scholar may be useful, but as far as I can tell doesn't have everything, 
and if the new genus isn't mentioned in the title or abstract, then it isn't 
very helpful at all. Of course, an intelligent, responsible author would do one 
of those at least, but I'd rather not assume that every ichthyosaur was named 
by someone who knew what they were doing so I won't miss out on something 
poorly done.

Mike said:
> Don't be shy about recommending Wikipedia. Yes, it's unreliable; but
> it's by far the best online source for finding the references of the
> papers that first described particular genera or species. There are
> plenty of other online sources that will tell you that the authority
> for Cedarosaurus is Tidwell at al. 1999, but not many will tell you
> that this refers to Tidwell, V., Carpenter, K. and Brooks, W. (1999).
> New sauropod from the Lower Cretaceous of Utah, USA. Oryctos 2:
> 21-37. And the great thing is, if that information IS incorrect,
> you'll see that for yourself when you read the paper.

That's my problem in a nutshell; being unable to find full references to the 
original paper so that I can use it as a source.

Fred wrote:
>The referencebase of Dinodata does. :)

Sadly Dinodata isn't a great ichthyosaur source, although, yeah, its references 
section is awesome.

Now if anyone has some ichthyosaur description references, they'd be *really* 
helpful. :)