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Online petition Re: "Museum comments sidestepped"

For what its worth:


This page also lists the names and email of the board of trustees.

On Tue, 16 Jun 2009, mkirkaldy@aol.com wrote:

Wyoming Tribute Eagle, by Bill McCarthy
"LARAMIE -- University of Wyoming trustees may hold the line on the
$18.3 million in budget cuts they approved." <snip>
"But they didn't stay on the line Monday to listen to five people who
showed up to speak about closing the school's Geological Museum as part
of those cuts.
Trustees and the university president, who is traveling, attended a
special meeting by telephone to discuss other issues with
administrators in the boardroom at Old Main on campus.
Jessica Lowell, university communications director, told the attendees
that state open meetings law limits the trustees in a special meeting
to items on the agenda.
Discussion of the museum and public comment was not on the agenda.
Chuck Brown, the board of trustees president, asked Provost Myron Allen
to fill in trustees who did not stay on the line to listen to the
people concerned about budgetary reductions.
No one stayed on the line."  <snip>