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Re: JVP 29(2) Spoiler Alert

It has to be wondered if this falls under Article 32.5.

Unfortunately, no. 32.5.1 states "Incorrect transliteration or latinization, or use of an inappropriate connecting vowel, are not to be considered inadvertent errors." So we're stuck with it. Improperly formed genera such as _Gigantspinosaurus_, _Confuciusornis_, _Aberratiodontus_, and the one above can't be changed. Same goes for typographical errors, such as the species names of _Sinornithosaurus millenii_ (millennium has two n's).

Waaaait, wait, wait, wait, wait. There is nothing to transliterate or latinize here -- _masticator_ already _is_ a Latin word. And so is _millennii_. You're right about *Confuciusornis* and *Aberratiodontus*, but these are different cases. (I'm not sure if "*Gigant_spinosaurus*" counts as validly published.)

If *Angulomastacator* had been *Angulamastacator* as was originally posted here, the stupid extra _a_ would be protected by Art. 32.5.1; for *Minotaurasaurus*, this is in fact the case (...if that one is actually validly published... I think that was discussed here or on some blog).