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Re: Administration Response Re: Online petition Re: "Museum comments sidestepped"

The most I have ever raised (organized and did the MC work of the crowd) for a non-profit org. was over 4 years as the chairman of the "Friends of the NRA" annual dinner in Jackson Hole. We raised about 200K in those 4 years that was giving to promote safe shooting sports, education and improvement of the range facilities in the state. The gun culture is alive and well in Wyoming. I also spent 6 years on the board of the Wyoming American Red Cross in all positions expect the chairman. Fund raising isn't my favorite activity when we just got heavy spring rains all week and those golden sands are calling me out. It is going to be a very good year in the field.

BTW, who said there wasn't an active railroad system in wyoming. I must respectfully decline due to a full schedule obfuscated by a recent, quit painful back injury and I have to get things done regardless of having a few fractured vertebra. There is only one comfortable chair in the house and it isn't the one in front of my computer. In reality, I am very disconnected from Cheyenne these days as I live 6 hours north and with my nearest town being Gillette at 65 miles makes me a poor choice since I already am a member of the Local Emergency Planning Commission, and active Ham radio operator, an active EMT (plus yearly training) and have a few things to do out here on my little 5 square mile ranch with dinosaurs waiting for my summer guests to help me with. Summer this year is already fully booked with me hosting three days of the International Tactical Rifle Championships with the two long range rifle/carbine competition being here on the ranch. 40 pairs of the top shooters from around the world come to compete for big money. When the summer is over, I plan to have back surgery to fix those crushed verts (T-11/T-12).

Reality check: there is going to be big cutbacks at other paleontological institutions too with the big donors loosing the tax write off incentive as well as the ongoing demonization of wealthy capitalists leading many to a more camouflaged existence than before. Fund raising in this politically charged atmosphere may well be virtually impossible. I suggest someone contacting Wallace Ulrich at fossil@wyoming.com as he is much better connected than I being on the board of the wyoming geological survey and is still very active in the Geologist of Jackson Hole (I was secretary of that board for 7 years). I retired to my ranch 10 years ago and have lost all my higher up contacts (by design). Wallace may have an idea (he is pretty busy too). If it is contacts you need, he is the man to point you in the right direction. Wallace is top notch. It won't hurt to ask.

Another suggestion is Jerry Spence. He loves lost causes and I watched him raise 2 million bucks in one 2 hour meeting in Jackson. Style and presentation is everything with the make up of the audience being somewhat of a significant requirement.

Someone also needs to hook into the stimulus action going on in Washington. I understand Jackson Hole got something like 20 million+ for preservation of the Spring Creek area. That was a connection thing. There is a lot of power in that little town. (Which is exactly why I moved away).

I understand that at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology (where my son is on the third year of a 5 year mining engineering degree), just received around 20 million in grants to build a new paleo-museum. It is currently being built. You need to hunt down who organized that and hope they don't have a ranch to run along with a dinosaur based bed and breakfast operation 14 miles from the nearest asphalt road.

Frank (Rooster) Bliss
Weston, Wyoming

On Jun 17, 2009, at 10:35 PM, Richard W. Travsky wrote:


On Wed, 17 Jun 2009, MKIRKALDY@aol.com wrote:
In an editorial at
the Casper Star-Tribune suggests that:
"Now that so many supporters have been identified, the university -- and
the UW Foundation -- should turn their attention to exploring ways to
generate the $80,000 annually that the museum needs to keep its doors open. Are
any of the people who signed the petition willing to donate money to the
cause? What about holding fundraising events?"

Okay, if everyone who signed the petition donated $53.33 a year, the
museum could stay open! I nominate Frank Bliss to spearhead this collection!

Actually, considering the troubles Frank had in collecting money for the
Antonio grant
(http://dml.cmnh.org/2005Jun/msg00160.html), keeping a museum afloat
through donations is naive. I don't know what kind of fundraising events could
raise $80,000 a year either. Cookies and cupcakes? Hannah Montana concert!

Wally Wyoming.

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For what its worth:


This  page also lists the names and email of the board of trustees.