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Re: Limusaurus Inextricabilis

Quoting Yasmani Ceballos Izquierdo <yceballos@uci.cu>:

Limusaurus inextricabilis (meaning "mire lizard who could not escape") was......

Argh. David, I'll take this <headdesk> for the team. Paleontological community, please join me at the blackboard. Now please write out the following 100 times:

"You cannot tell what the stem of a Latin or Greek noun is just by looking at the form you pull out of the dictionary."

Latin *limus* 'muck, mud' (cognate to English "slime") is not *limu-s*, it's *limo-s*.

*Limosaurus* or, if you want to take the extra step of weakening the *o* of the middle syllable to *i* (as would happen in an actual Latin compound), *limisaurus*.

Nicholas J. Pharris