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Re: Save the University of Wyoming Geological Museum

Hidden in the reader comments for the article I posted a couple of days ago 
 ("Museum Comments Sidestepped") is this useful information:

Patricia A  wrote on Jun 17, 2009 6:14 AM: "While surfing the web for 
related news stories I  ran across a document from a few years back in which 
University of Wyoming,  College of Arts & Science, Central Committee, took 
on the task to "Determine  the usefulness and effectiveness of the Geological 
Museum (GM), and include any  recommendations about the administrative 
structures and financial resources."  You may find this document  at
um%20II.doc  "

Hello, University of Wyoming Trustees, you have a strategic business  plan 
right there that should have been and still could be followed.  Brent  is 
complimented and even lauded for the job he was doing. The museum was getting  
more than 3500 visitors a year (deduced from the signatures in the guest  
book).  It is stressed that the museum is a valuable Wyoming asset that it  
is being run on a shoestring, and money for staffing, updating exhibits and 
just  keeping it open isn't there:

"There is no room in the system for a cut  back without shutting down the 
"Given that museum support is  already at a minimum level, downsizing is 
not possible to keep the facility  operational. Elimination of the facility is 
the only alternative. We see no  possible advantage in that course in that: 
a very visible public outreach tool  will be lost (with commensurate 
negative impacts on public relations); the  savings to the college are small; 
space is unusable for any other purpose  without expensive modification; and 
repository functions will be lost."
"The  benefits provided by the GM to the college, university, state, and 
outside the  state are such that this committee believes it should not be 
eliminated or  downsized."

The report goes on to suggest other funding plans and sources  to sustain 
and improve the museum. This report should have been read at the  trustees 


In a message dated 6/18/2009 11:55:24 A.M. Eastern  Daylight Time, 
rwhite@thewildlifemuseum.org writes:
Brent, unfortunately, the  task of securing outside funding often falls to 
the Director of a museum.   And it is definitely one of the less fun things 
we have to do.  There has  always been a taint associated with fundraising 
(as opposed to grant writing, an  entirely different matter) as it seems to 
me to be akin to "the world's oldest  profession".

I'd bet the University has a fund-raising office, and a  fund-raising 
director.  Perhaps working through various channels to get  that person tasked 
with raising endowment money for the museum as well as for  the sports 
program, etc.  would be productive.  That way, you, or  whoever, would have 
professional help and guidance as you try to "beach the  whales".

Again, this is a long-term fix, and doesn't help with the  immediate 
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