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Arthur Hayward's Famous Dinosaurs

Arthur Hayward was an artist  employed by the Natural History Museum in the 
1960's. Back then it may have been  the B.M.(N.H.). A gifted sculptor, he 
also collaborated with Ray Harryhausen  (who had recently settled in London) 
modeling the maquettes for the stop motion  dinosaur animation models for 
Harryhausen's films such as "One Million Years  B.C." and "Valley of Gwangi". 
Pete Von Sholly alerted me to this rare video of  Hayward at work.
Burian's influence is readily apparent.  In fact, in this clip Burian 
images are all over the studio.  
Note also that instead of the machined metal armature  normally used inside 
animation puppets, Hayward creates an articulated dinosaur  skeleton!
The Harryhausen/Hayward relationship ended  rather quickly for reasons 
still unclear. Hayward was never given onscreen  credit for his work, yet he 
created some of film's most iconic dinosaurs. See  the video  here: