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Re: Limusaurus Inextricabilis

Thanks for the datum. Then, I do not know of evidence of gastroliths
used in food processing in carnivorous archosaurs. I suppose
gastroliths may be useful to crush a rat-sized prey in an
alligator-sized predator, but more difficult to be useful against,
say, pieces of muscle/bone of an alligator-sized prey.

2009/6/20 David Marjanovic <david.marjanovic@gmx.at>:
>> Regarding gastroliths,
>> according to Bakker (1986, Dinosaur Heresies), gastroliths are also
>> used to process food in crocodiles, as can be seen (according to him)
>> on x-rays.
> More recent X-ray movies, presented at last year's SVP meeting (I think),
> show that that's not the case: the gastroliths of alligators at least don't
> move, they just lie around in the stomach. Apparently they're ballast.