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Re: New Maderson feather paper

At 05:27 PM 6/9/2009, Scott Hartman wrote:

Not to be outdone by Ruben and Quick, another branch of the BANDit tree has published a detailed description of feather regeneration:


When I click on this link, I'm taken to a University of Wyoming proxy page, and asked to a username and password. Would it be possible to get a citation for this paper so I can track it down?

To be sure, while the paper is peppered with potshots at Prum and unneccesary editorializing of their views on proper citation and systemmic literature errors (who says they don't have a sense of irony?) the bountiful descriptive work looks like it will be a useful contribution to the literature. It does not discuss bird origins at all, but I expect to see a Science Daily interview at any moment where they talk about how bird feathers could not have evolved from dinofuzz...