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RE: Pterosaur Species List updates

Jocelyn's reply was correct.  You can't just get rid of nomina dubia by 
synonymizing them with valid taxa, pesky or not.  It would be like me 
synonymizing Antrodemus with Allosaurus fragilis even though I can't 
technically distinguish it from A. "jimmadseni" either.  A. fragilis is WAY 
more common than A. "jimmadseni", so it's far more likely to be fragilis.  But 
that's not a vaid taxonomic argument, so Antrodemus must stay a nomen dubium.
Mickey Mortimer

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> Date: Sun, 21 Jun 2009 16:13:21 +0000
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> Subject: Re: Pterosaur Species List updates
> Basically a nomen dubium has a non-diagnostic type specimen, but there is 
> another species with a diagnostic type specimen which the nomen dubium may 
> very likely if not almost certainly belong to. The species with the 
> diagnostic type specimen cannot reasonably be synonymised with a species with 
> a non-diagnostic type, but to spare us the insanity of dealing with a pesky 
> nomen dubium always getting in the way it is lumped into the the species with 
> the diagnostic type species. It is not my invention, there are others out 
> there who have done this before and with great frequency. I know, it may be 
> bending the rules quite a bit.
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> Mike Hanson wrote-
>> Avgodectes and its synonyms are now listed as synonymous with Yixianopterus, 
>> though this requires some nomenclatural gymnastics, Avgodectes is now a 
>> nomen dubium.
> How does this work? By definition, a nomen dubium cannot be a synonym, 
> because in order to be a nomen dubium, it would have to be indistinguishable 
> from at least two species, so couldn't be a definite synonym of either.
> Mickey Mortimer