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RE: Pterosaur Species List updates

Michael Mortimer wrote:

> If
> Avgodectes is a synonym of Yixianopterus, then you can
> consider petitioning the ICZN to prefer the authors that
> published in a more prestigious journal,

_Avgodectes_ was not published in a journal at all.  It was published in 
"Prehistoric Times".  In an ideal world, that alone should be grounds for 
dismissing the name as a _nomen nudum_.  But when it comes to names in the 
"gray" literature (popular or quasi-scientific publications) the ICZN Code is 
very vague on whether such publications are valid for nomenclatural purposes.   

But I agree with your comments regarding nomina dubia.  A nomen dubium is a 
two-way dead-end.  Further material cannot be referred to a nomen dubium, and a 
nomen dubium cannot be referred to another species.