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Re: Jurassic Park IV

Yes it did. The opening sequence w/ the little girl being attacked by the "compies(Compsognathus)" was a variation of the beginning of the first book. In the book, however a partial or whole(MY memory's fuzzy) specimen was sent to a lab were I believe it was originally thought to be a sort of basilisk lizard.

Yes -- complete with a description of squamate-specific details of the skin. Evidently, someone here thought dinosaurs are "reptiles" and squamates are the default reptiles. <sigh>

(Crichton is in very good company with this line of thought, however. How often has *Probainognathus* been presented as transitional to the mammalian jaw joint condition because its surangular participates in the jaw joint? That's _normal_. In all amniotes (and many other tetrapods) except derived mammals _and lepidosaurs_, the surangular makes up the lateral 1/3 of the jaw joint. Or think of the various attempts to interpret skull kinesis into gorgonopsians, aïstopod amphibians, anthracosaurs, ornithischians, oviraptorosaurs, *Archaeopteryx*... so clearly squamate-based that some have proposed mesokinesis in *Archaeopteryx*, meaning a joint between the frontals and the parietals.)