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Re: Jurassic Park IV

> Hmmm. Humans the bad guys with syrupy ending...
> I'll have to think about that...

Syrupy? That's a separate question. The ending doesn't have to be
predictable if no one wants it to be. The basic premise and the ending
are only tangentially related in any film.

And besides that, the humans were already sort of the bad guys in
JVP2, so it's hardly unprecedented. Maneuvering in a dinosaur-filled
jungle while pursued by/thwarting hostile humans offers plenty of
opportunities for both pro- and antagonists to be turned into messy
snacks for large predators. It just makes the dinosaurs part of the
environment instead of quasi-villains who relentlessly pursue humans
despite the ready availability of large prey/carcasses (*Spinosaurus,*
I'm looking at you).

Or would you rather have the trained raptor commandos they were
originally considering for this fourth installment? ;p

Personally, I want to see more deaths by means of large herbivores,
which AFAIK is statistically more likely anyway. Some styracosaur
gorings, tail-club splatterings (maybe even by *Shunosaurus?*) - heck,
maybe just some enraged female hadrosaurs on their nesting ground. Any
big dinosaur is potentially dangerous, just like any big mammal.
Elephants and rhinos and hippos and buffalo are all ornery, lethal
animals despite munching on leaves for most of their lives.

I mean really, what else can one do with the franchise that is both
original and not completely hokey? They've got to get a bit unorthodox
if they don't want to rehash the same general plot concepts (as they
did with JVP3 . . .)