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Re: Limusaurus Inextricabilis

Interesting data. In case the ingestion of stones in crocs has to do
with an ancestral use of gastroliths in food processing, and in case
food-processing gastroliths and carnivory can't go together... would
the crocodile condition suggest ancestral herbivory? (I only can think
in aetosaurs or some of these weird heterodont mesoeucrocodylians
among ancestors of Crocodylia). If the ancestral dinosaur was an
herbivore, which may be the case considering the beaks of one basal
branch of the Dinosauria and two successive outgroups, and the
non-trenchant crowns of some of these taxa (except Lewisuchus), we may
hypothesize carnivorous dinosaurs retained the gastroliths from
herbivorous ancestors.