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Re: Jurassic Park IV

> Bah. Who cares about stinkin' mammals. The dinosaurs should be the main
> characters! They are what people come to see in the cinema!!!

The Dinosauroids evolve from local troodonts, and proceed to wage war
on the mainland! From their huge and deadly starships! That kickbox
with ninjas as they make out with supermodels!

Yes, it would have everything that audiences want, and would surely
dominate the box office.

. . .

You know, actually, that would be so crazy that a lot of people would
probably see it just to check out how terrible/funny it would be.

More seriously, I suspect that JP still has some life in it, but
wringing it out would/will be difficult. That idea with a group of
people heading to the island and only being slowly revealed in their
motives could be potentially interesting. Maybe they're looking for a
rare resurrected plant, and they need to train a small dinosaur to
track it by scent . . . that would put another dino in as a "main
character" in addition to the big carnivores. Or not. Whatever.

I dunno. I think the kind of creativity needed to pull off a fourth
installment probably isn't present in Hollywood, or at least isn't
recognized or respected enough.