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Re: Jurassic Park IV

On Tue, Jun 23, 2009 at 07:40:32AM -0500, Raptorial Talon scripsit:
> More seriously, I suspect that JP still has some life in it, but
> wringing it out would/will be difficult. That idea with a group of
> people heading to the island and only being slowly revealed in their
> motives could be potentially interesting. Maybe they're looking for a
> rare resurrected plant, and they need to train a small dinosaur to
> track it by scent . . . that would put another dino in as a "main
> character" in addition to the big carnivores. Or not. Whatever.

JP movies are an attempt to do two contradictory things, really -- show
off dinosaur special effects, and attach this to a story which indicates
how there can be no good come of this unnatural meddling in God's

The special effects are not themselves a draw any more; things like
Walking with Dinosaurs have made "realistic dinosaur on screen" ho-hum.

If someone wanted to, the idea that, hey, we've got a Mesozoic Melange
ecosystem happening could be used for lots of things, provided you got
rid of the whole "unnatural meddling" angle.  But you'd still need an
entirely better class of special effects, and I doubt that can be done
economically yet.

-- Graydon