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Re: Jurassic Park IV

What is it, Luis? I think that you've seen too much Lost. Jaja!


Daniel M. Puglisi

Luis Oscar Romero escribió:
> Hello,  
> What do you think of a quest that takes a mixed party of good and evil humans 
> looking for clues to find Hammond's Lost Papers or other valuable all around 
> Dinosaur Islands?(something in the line of National Treasure, but without 
> Nick Cage, please)
> All kind of dinosaurs could be introduced to be the obstacles in the quest, 
> but the main plot will be the interaction of the characters in the party, 
> finding who is good and who is evil. Maybe an epidemic in the mainland 
> related to the dinosaurs,  that only Ingen research data could help find a 
> cure, will put urgency to the plot...
> My 0,002 cents
> Cheers,
> Luis Oscar Romero, lor@fibertel.com.ar 
> 2009-06-23