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Re: Jurassic Park IV

I am with those disliking human participation in dinosaur movies. As a
child, I disliked all romance, human conversations, complaining about
their fathers, inter-human conflict, human planning, fighting
primitive men, etc. I also hate dinosauroids, they make dinosaur
movies more like alien movies, or like westernerns against tribal
cultures, depending on the development of the dinosauroid culture.

Dinosaur-only action would seem good to me. Although it may mean a
feeble plot, one does not see dinosaur movies expecting some kind of
Orson Welles' masterpiece such as Touch of Evil. I think somebody
should resurrect the project of the movie "Evolution" by Ray
Harryhausen, or perhaps make something more on the line of the
animated sequence of Walt Disney's 1940 Fantasia. All without
narrator, neither some Attenborough or Nigel Marven smiling to the

Trying to avoid the errors in these two, of course.

Some other things may help dinosaur movies, I think:

Please, no martial arts or anthropomorphic fighting in dinosaurs or
other animals no matter how "cool" the moves may look for some. This
is for the Spinosaurus breaking the neck of the Tyrannosaurus with a
fast movement as if someone was a killing a chick, and for King Kong
hitting T.rexes' heads against rocks, biting off dinosaur tongues
(particularly disgusting in my view), opening dinosaur jaws like
Samson, a temnospondyl throwing Arthropleura against a spike, etc.

Also, no more unaturally fast movements. They seem only to serve to
avoid looking at cheap restorations of the animals, and look unreal.

And if they want to put humans, I should ask for victory of the
animals at least in some movie, and not "superhuman"-irrealistic
killing of the animal, as some jerk with a katana cutting an
Allosaurus-like dinosaur in two (I know this did not happened, as far
as I saw, but things like that happen in movies). No more Tarzans,
please. Most human beings would be paralyzed in terror, as they would
with a lion, and not playing to be Jet Li.

Humans should be like fodder, like mice to the cat. Mice do not kill
the cat. They would just plan to escape. I do not enjoy seeing humans
predominate against or badly treating powerful animals of our days
(bears, bulls, elephants, lions) and neither against extinct animals,
so I am neither in favor of guns or other human arms.