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Re: Jurassic Park IV

> And if they want to put humans, I should ask for victory of the animals 
> at least in some movie, and not "superhuman"-irrealistic killing of the 
> animal, as some jerk with akatana cutting an Allosaurus-like dinosaur in 
> two (I know this did not happened, as far as I saw, but things like that > 
> happen in movies). No more Tarzans, please. 

While I agree with most of the Sentiments expressed by Augusto Haro, I disagree 
as to how weak humans would be.

JP 2?, had that ridiculous scene with a girl doing gymnastics on a pipe as if 
it were a high-bar, and then kicking a "velociraptor" in its head...

I would like to see less of that... unarmed humans should be dead meat...
Possibly large groups banging pots and pans may chase some dinosaurs away (that 
don't comprehend just how physically weak an unarmed human is).

However.... armed humans on the other hand... In JP 1, once they had shotguns, 
that should have been it as far as the "velociraptors" were concerned.
If I can hit a flying clay disk, I can hit a Dromeosaur, and a stovepipe jam as 
they showed takes about 0.5 seconds to clear. 
-- so don't counter with that video of a lion charging as everyone in the group 
armed with rifles misses.
A group of people with shotguns and 00 buck shot would decimate midsized 

Just as we shouldn't have super-human humans, we shouldn't have supernatural 
"monsters". They were animals, like anything else, and can easily be killed 
with the proper tools.

Long before gunpowder, humans encountered and killed mammoths, all sorts of big 
cats, canines (did the early north american settlers encounter Dire Wolves?), 
hunted large sea animals, etc.
Mostly with simple long pointed sticks.

A phalanx of men in the finest of Greek/Macedonian tradition could probably 
stand against all but the largest of therepod predators.

Something like a T-rex would be vulnerable to rope/pit traps to bring it down, 
and could be defended against with out explosive propelled projectiles.

Even a tree branch could do as a makeshift club, and a group of humans with 
clubs should be able to ward off small number of dromeosaurs and other 
"smaller" animals.

Humans shouldn't be completely defenseless, gun armed humans would make the 
movie ridiculous (either just a dino slaughter, or packed with cheezy ways to 
make the dinosaurs seem more deadly than humans with firearms).
Time travel plots are universally bad in my mind - so I wouldn't expect to see 
a phalanx with 15 foot long spears with iron tips facing off against an 
Allosaurus), and its not like such equipment is readily available now.

They could have some sort of trench or pit works at whatever facility these 
dinosaurs are at, that act like an oversized version of those barriers to 
cattle crossing (the pit with bars spaced across the top that the cows cant 
stand on, or walk past) -
Such that the humans have somewhere to escape to when a T-rex attacks, and for 
medium sized dromeosaurs - a human would probably climb better - get up a tree, 
break off a branch and use it as a club, and flail it wildly at the dromeosaur 
nipping at the treed human- I'm guessing a dromeosaur would decide that a whack 
to the head would hurt too much and seek easier prey

Likewise, I know of people that were trampled nearly to death by cattle just 2 
miles from were I'm at now.
It might be a "cool" scene to see some ignorant human getting in the middle of 
a herbivorous herd, only to get too close to the eggs/young, and get killed.