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Re: Jurassic Park IV

Yes, it is true humans can defeat any other animal even with the most
elementary tools, and that is what I dislike seeing. You do not need a
Tarzan for humans to kill beasts. But I would not enjoy a picture on a
gladiator stabbing bears and lions with his gladius, although I am
conscious the scene may have happened (more likely if the carnivores
attacked some piece of armor at first contact, leaving time to the
gladiator). Perhaps I am somewhat PETA-like with this. I cheered for
the lions on the movie of the Tsavo man-eaters. Perhaps because of the
mental power of the humans I prefer movies without them.

I see this kind of the mentality "kill them all or they will kill us
(or our cattle)" which led to the near extinction of the lion in
India, and of the wolf in most of Europe and United States for example
(and the cougar and jaguar in most of my country). Most predators are
shy against men, so this is a wrong generalization. Even a large
theropod would flee from a large group of humans, even if they do not
have means to kill it and just yell and throw stones and sticks.

More generally speaking, I think most people interested in things
scaring humans want things which are powerful, almost as demi-gods.
For example, you cannot kill Freddy Kruger, nor Jason Voorhies, and
they were successes until boring everybody. This is the appeal of
ghosts and alien, I suppose. What's the deal with a monster if you can
kill him with a bazooka? Its the same point of a movie "Johnny against
the beetle".

Also like Attenborough, but I think that some documentary-style films
may look better without narration. Nigel Marven is other thing, he
throwed those poor eurypterids through the air without reason. The
theropods or the large aquatic vertebrates should have made him pay
with his life. At least they are not like the narrators of old films
on American deserts by Walt Disney.

I would like the idea of Raptor Red made movie, except for depicting
the Acro as the jerk of the Cretaceous whom got unlikely eaten.

> (If you're talking about the silly scene in Walking With. Well... _that 
> particular_ silly scene.)

Yes, that scene!! Didn´t remember the tetrapod genus.
I also remember they talking about the semierect posture when dealing
with  Euparkeria and then showing a red thing which should correspond
to the coxofemoral joint and related muscles, but the supposed bones
did not even articulate!!

Regarding fighting carnivores, its true they do not have the mentality
we were shown in "Animal Face-Off", trying to kill each other. At
times they do not even attack their habitual prey if they start
putting a fight. "Animal Face-Off" had large share of laughable
things, such as advocates for each animal, insulting the rival animal,
a fat gorilla flying into the air and using a karate move to kill a
leopard, and a bear stabbing with its claws a much larger croc as in
"Psycho".And they pretended to be serious by putting there some