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Re: New Papers: Revenge of the Fallen

Also this one...

Benson, R.B.J. (2009). An assessment of variability in theropod dinosaur 
remains from the Bathonian (Middle Jurassic) of Stonesfield and New Park 
Quarry, UK and taxonomic implications for _Megalosaurus bucklandii_ and 
_Iliosuchus incognitus_.  Palaeontology. doi: 10.1111/j.1475-4983.2009.00884.x

Abstract: "The assemblage of large-bodied theropod remains from the Taynton 
Limestone Formation (middle Bathonian) of Stonesfield, Oxfordshire and the 
Chipping Norton Limestone Formation (lowest Bathonian) of New Park Quarry, 
Gloucestershire, UK is interpreted as monospecific. An assessment of 
morphological variation in theropod fossils from these localities reveals no 
taxonomically-significant variation among remains representing large-bodied 
individuals. Previous observations of anatomical variation among femora, ilia 
and scapulocoracoids are attributed to postmortem damage and deformation. 
Referral of all such material to the first named dinosaur taxon, _Megalosaurus 
bucklandii_ Mantell, is therefore justified. '_Iliosuchus incognitus_' lacks 
autapomorphies and is a nomen dubium. However, other remains of small-bodied 
theropods from Stonesfield indicate a minimum of two small-bodied taxa that are 
distinct from _M. bucklandii_."