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Re: Jurassic Park IV

I guess someone may want to spit on me for continuiung pointlessly
with this, but here is the kind of dinosaur movie they should do, if
they want to give protagonism to humans in the movie:

The homans should no have tools, no knife to help them make spikes,
for they to have it difficult to defend themselves. Also, perhaps,
they may be isolated, in order to avoid those industriae and
iniciative which came with sociability. They should have holes or
something to hide. The movie would not be dinosaurs eating people all
the day (people should escape), but a drama about people terrified by
animals against which they can do little. To add suspense, the animals
should stalk the humans, and the humans be tense each time they get
out from the hole, and probably go desperate. Those dinosaurs would be
almost as unvincible as a ghost in practice. And, both carnivores and
crazy large herbivores should form part of the dangers, as in the old
King Kong movie, as was suggested before.