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Re: A very sad day

1) I don't know, chalk it up to kinks in a new software product.

2) One and a half positions actually, as one was part time. And no, the $80,000 budget hardly seems worth it to achieve 18 million in budget savings compared to what the university gets for that money.

3) Not just a football team, but a Division 1 football team, which requires a lot more money to be spent to meet national standards. The academic departments had to suffer a 10% cut in budget, while the intercollegiate sports had to cut 5% _of it's state paid budget_...which is only 40% of its overall budget. For those of you counting, that's 2% of the overall sports budget.

Clearly we can see where the University of Wyoming's priorities lie. As an alumni this saddens me greatly.

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Three questions:Â Â

- Why does the site refuse to open in Internet Explorer 8? Yes, eight, which
has no problem with even the stupidest "features" of the latest software
update at ScienceBlogs. The choice between normal and compatibility mode
does not exist for that site.
It works just fine in Firefox 3.0.6, which has
problems with other sites that IE just breezes through...Â

- A grand total of two employees are fired? Can that possibly have been
worth it financially?!?Â

- Does that university have a football team...? If so, I shall not be able
to write down what I think, because there are too many adults on this list. Â