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looking for skeletons

With the dinosaur field guide for Princeton U Press approaching completion am 
looking to complete a few more skeletal drawings. If anyone knows where 
direct side views of skeletons of the following are available please let me 

fully adult Tarbosaurus bataar 
(only if larger than PIN 551-3 with femur well over 1000 mm long) 
Saichania chulsanensis
Gongxianosaurus shibeiensis 
Klamelisaurus gobiensis 
Psittacosaurus major 
Psittacosaurus lujiatuensis
Changchunsaurus parvus
Barapasaurus tagorei
Kotasaurus yamanpalliensis 
Rajasaurus narmadensis 
Plateosauravus cullingworthi 
Melanorosaurus readi 
Pachyrhinosaurus either species
Tenontosaurus dossi (not tilletti) 
mount in Forth Worth is currently crated

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