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Discovery Essential Dinosaur Pack

"Discovery Essential Dinosaur Pack" is a 2 DVD set that came out late last
year.  It includes the following dino documentaries:

- Valley of the T-Rex 

- When Dinosaurs Roamed America 

- Utah's Dino Graveyard 

- Dinosaur Planet (all 4 episodes) 

- The Mystery Dinosaur 

- Dinosaurs: Return to Life 

- T-Rex: New Science, New Beast

At $20 to $30 US, that's a lot of dino for your buck!  And it's got White
Tip, the feathered _Velociraptor_ (in "Dinosaur Planet").  Thank God
somebody got it right.  I recommend the set, even though I can't help
yelling at the screen during "Valley of the T-Rex"!  

Ralph W. Miller III

"T. rex was ugly, nasty, and stinky!"  Harrumph!