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Jack Horner Funds Dino Chicken Project

See the article, ?Look out ? It?s Jurassic Peck,? at
<http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/article5822095.ece>.  It reports
that Jack Horner is sponsoring the genetic engineering of birds with long
tails, teeth, and clawed wings.  Horner predicts we'll see results in 5-10

Can't we just stick rubber pieces on 'em like we did to lizards back in "One
Million, B.C."?  Just kidding -- I'd love to see this work.  

For additional back story on the same topic, see
and, of course, the documentary, ?Dinosaurs: Return to Life" (now available
as part of "Discovery Essential Dinosaur Pack" 2-DVD set, as mentioned in my
earlier e-mail).

Ralph W. Miller III