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Burpee 2009 PaleoFest

Dear All,

I am a little bit tardy on this post, but I wanted to remind everyone
that this weekend March 7th and 8th, is Burpee Museums 11th Annual
PaleoFest event.  Aside from the variety of great hands on
paleo-activities for kids throughout the museum, we will be having
several lectures on various aspects of paleontology.  Here is the list
of speakers and abbreviated topics;

Sat March 7th Talks; 

10:30AM Holly Woodward, Montana State University*
Maia, How You've Grown! 
Exploring Maiasaur growth dynamics.

12:00PM John Pojeta, Ph.D., Smithsonian Institute* 
Amateurs Rock! 
The Importance of Local Fossil Collectors to 

2:00PM Chris Brochu, Ph.D., University of Iowa*
Crocodiles: The Myth of the Living Fossil
Explore the diversity of these ancient reptiles.

3:30PM Lindsay Zanno, Ph.D., Field Museum*
Therizinosaurs: A New Look at "Predatory" Dinosaur Evolution. Meet the
Edward Scissorhands of dinosaurs.

5:00PM VIP Reception & Mixer, Mahlburg Auditorium
Book signing and photo opportunity. Open to all ages, includes

8:00PM Presentation by Dr. Robert T. Bakker 
"Veggie-Saurs Rule!" 
Hooray for the plant eating dinosaurs! Dr. Bob presents on the duckbill
"mummy", Leonardo. 
Sunday, March 8 Schedules 
10:30AM Nancy Englehardt-Moore, Devon Energy* 
Marine Microfossils
What are they and what are their uses? 

11:45AM Mike Triebold, Triebold Paleontology*
The Mosasaurs Summer
Mike Triebold describes the summer his team collected 
13 mosasaurs and explains how and why they did it.

1:15PM Scott Foss, Ph.D., Utah BLM*
T-rex of the Tertiary
Reconstructing the Most Terrifying Beast since the 
Dinosaurs. These giant prehistoric mammals were called "Pigs from Hell"

2:30PM Robert Reisz, Ph.D., University of Toronto*
The Oldest Known Dinosaur Embryos 
and their Evolutionary Significance

3:45PM Scott Williams, Burpee Museum*
The Best Year Yet! 
The 2008 Burpee paleontological field season produced big results in the
form of Allosaurus, Camarasaurus, Stegosaurus, Apatosaurus and
Diplodocus, all in one giant quarry. Learn more about the site that made
National Geographic's top ten fossil discoveries list.  

For a complete list visit www.burpee.org .  Also anyone interested in an
abstract volume should contact the front desk at 815-965-3433.

I hope to see people there.


Scott Williams
Collections/exhibits Manager 
Burpee Museum of Natural History
737 N. Main St. 
Rockford, IL 61103