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Re: Long-necked stegosaur coming out in Proceedings B

Quoting "Richard W. Travsky" <rtravsky@uwyo.edu>:

> On Sat, 28 Feb 2009, Dann Pigdon wrote:
> > Quoting Jura <pristichampsus@yahoo.com>:
> >
> >> Fair enough. I was actually responding to a statement made about
> >> stegosaurs having to turn their backs on their adversaries.
> >> Presenting one's broad side to a predator removes the "need" for a
> >> long neck to see behind.
> >
> > Turning into a U-shape would have worked well against only one predator,
> > but it may have left the outside flank horribly exposed to a second
> > predator (unless the stegosaur backed up against something).
> Or in a group of other stegosaurs...

Now I'm imagining a 'flower of stegosaurs', something like the aerial views of 
a scene from an 
Esther Williams movie (only with more spikes).


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