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WIPS Paleoclimate Symposium

The Western Interior Paleontological Society will be hosting it's 6th semi-annual Founder's Symposium March 14-15th. This year it will be held at the American Mountaineering Center on Saturday, with tours of NOAA and NCAR on Sunday.

The official announcement is below:

~Tiffany Miller

Paleoclimates: Exploring Past Environments
Western Interior Paleontological Society | Founders Symposium
March 14 & 15, 2009
Golden & Boulder, Colorado

Information: http://www.wipsppc.com/symposium.php, symposium@wipsppc.com

Denver, Colorado – Paleoclimates: Exploring Past Environments is the theme of a two-day symposium presented by the Western Interior Paleontological Society and set for March 14 and 15, 2009 in Golden and Boulder, Colorado.

On Saturday, March 15, top climate scientists and paleontologists will present research on topics ranging from climate modeling to using data from the fossil record in climatic interpretations. The presentations will be at the American Mountaineering Center, 710 10th Street, Golden, Colorado. In addition to the scientific program, there will be exhibits, an evening reception and a special show and sale of natural science art.

The Sunday March 15 program features behind-the-scenes tours of the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) facilities in Boulder, Colorado.

Speakers will include:
• Dr. Eric Barron, Director, National Center for Atmospheric Research;
• Dr. Caspar M. Amman, National Center for Atmospheric Research;
• Dr. Ashley Ballantyne, University of Colorado, Boulder;
• Dr. Cindy Shellito, University of Northern Colorado;
• Dr. Mary J. Kraus, University of Colorado, Boulder;
• Dr. Ellen Currano, Southern Methodist University;
• Dr. Bonnie Fine Jacobs, Southern Methodist University;
• Dr. Henry Fricke, Colorado College, and
• Dr. Paul E. Belanger, Western Interior Paleontological Society

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