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Re: Long-necked stegosaur, head tail mimicry?

Could the long neck of this stegosaur be useful in confusing predators, so that 
they become unsure which is the end to be avoided (ie. the tail with the 
thagomizer). I think some arthropods use this kind of head or tail mimicry. It 
would be far more confusing if they lived in large herds.


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> Isn't that where the original reconstructions of _Kentrosaurus_ put the 
> spines - on the hips, not the shoulders?


> So _Kentrosaurus_ had paired spines on the hips, and 'Gigantspinosaurus' had 
> them on the shoulders?


> BTW, isn't the name 'Gigantspinosaurus' a valid genus?  I had thought the 
> original description (by Ouyang) is considered to be valid, including by 
> Susannah Maidment's recent stegosaur papers.

No idea, I haven't read most of the relevant papers.

> Of course, if 'Gigantspinosaurus' is NOT a nomenclaturally valid genus (i.e., 
> a nomen nudum), then it provides an opportunity to spell the name correctly - 
> e.g., as you say, 'Gigantospinosaurus'.