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RE: top 7 dinosaurs you could take in a fight

I agreed with the list until it got to Nigersaurus.
Taking on a (presumably adult) sauropod? I think not.
It went downhill from there.

Wait, what is this? It recommends hand grenades?
We get to use modern weapons that are essentially banned under the 
National Firearms Act (here in the USA)?
Well, in that case no dinosaur is safe.
If a 50 BMG rifle won't do, there is always 14.5mm and 20mm anti material 
rifles... and of course, shoulder fired rockets if the large caliber rifles 
won't due.
Shotguns and M-14's/FAL's/AK's for the rest.

Its quite ridiculous to speculate on which dinosaurs would be easiest to kill, 
if modern weapons are allowed, and I'll note, Nigersaurus was the only one they 
mentioned using modern weapons against.... Shove a grenade in its mouth? OK.... 
how about I get in a helicopter and call in an artillery strike? would that be 
ok too?

I was also disappointed it portrayed Velociraptors as something to be feared 
(as if they would make you their *ahem* female dog), neglecting that they are 
relatively tiny, much smaller than portrayed in JP with no concrete evidence of 
pack hunting. Yet they suggest a Therizinosaur would not be an issue to handle 
with a pointy stick.

I would much rather try to kill a velociraptor with a weapon fashioned from a 
tree branch, than try to kill a Therizinosaur with the same weapon.

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>  > >  > Particularly because with a baseball bat
> (or heavier 
>  > > weapon) I  > think I could take down
> Masiakasaurus, contra 
>  > > the last comment.
>  > > 
>  > > Really?  At about 2m long, I think that would be
> pretty 
>  > > similar to trying to take out a mountain-lion
> with a baseball 
>  > > bat.  I'm sure Chuck Norris could do it, but
> for myself I 
>  > > wouldn't be confident.
>  > 
>  > 2 m long, but more than half of that is tail and a
> quarter of the
>  > remaining bit is neck. So the operational part of it
> is bigger than
>  > a turkey, but not much (bustard-sized).
> Hmm, OK, maybe more like a lynx than a mountain-lion.
> Good luck with that :-)
> Augusto Haro writes:
>  > Well, from where I am from, it is not unusual to hear
> of people
>  > killing pumas with knives. I heard of an 70 year old
> woman which
>  > killed a reportedly ca. 45 kg. puma with a small
> knife, only helped
>  > by a small dog. She might have been pretty lucky, but
> she reminded
>  > the incident as not surprising and considered it was
> necessary to
>  > kill the puma (with such scarce weaponry!!) as the
> cat killed some
>  > goats of her.
> No fair!  You don't get a knife, only a baseball bat!
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