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Re: top 7 dinosaurs you could take in a fight

On Mon, 9 Mar 2009, Augusto Haro wrote:
yes, you cannot stab with a bat, but have more reach. Would you

And mass.

consider yourself at advantage fighting with a knife a guy with a bate
(supposing equality of strenght and nimbleness)?

2009/3/9 Mike Taylor <mike@indexdata.com>:
Thomas R. Holtz, Jr. writes:
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Augusto Haro writes:
 > Well, from where I am from, it is not unusual to hear of people
 > killing pumas with knives. I heard of an 70 year old woman which
 > killed a reportedly ca. 45 kg. puma with a small knife, only helped
 > by a small dog. She might have been pretty lucky, but she reminded
 > the incident as not surprising and considered it was necessary to
 > kill the puma (with such scarce weaponry!!) as the cat killed some
 > goats of her.

No fair!  You don't get a knife, only a baseball bat!