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Scaphognathus Clarification Request (Wellnhofer error?)

New thread because this might be useful to someone. Anyway, Rob Taylor sent me 
an excerpt of "Wagner, J. A. 1861 Übersicht über die fossilen Reptilen des 
lithographischen Schiefers in Bayern nach ihren Gattungen und Arten.. Sber. k. 
bayer. Akad. Wiss. math.-phys. Kl." The first words of the Scaphognathus 
description are "Schwanz unbekannt," which apparently translates to "tail 

That's interesting because Wellnhofer's book said that it was the discovery of 
the second specimen whose tail was preserved (unlike the first) that prompted 
the realization that it was a rhamphorhynchid and thus not a Pterodactylus 
species, which in turn prompted the erection of the new genus. 

Sadly I'm not a German speaker, so I can't read the document, but just going on 
the "tail unknown" it looks like Dr. Wellnhofer may have erred regarding the 
circumstances of the erection of Scaphognathus. That or I'm just confused. Can 
anyone clear this up for me?