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Re: Scaphognathus Clarification Request (Wellnhofer error?)

Thanks to all who've helped, especially Denver Fowler, who has joined my list 
of favorite humans. 

> From: Fabio Dalla Vecchia <fabdalla@tin.it>
> Subject: Re: Scaphognathus Clarification Request (Wellnhofer error?)
> To: saint_abyssal@yahoo.com
> Date: Wednesday, March 11, 2009, 4:02 PM
> One of the two papers (I think the
> second) contains the formal description of Scaphognathus. I
> do not have a Pdf and the hard copy is somewhere among
> hundreds of reprints and photocopies. I do not have time to
> check it now, because I am writing several papers about
> Triassic pterosaurs and I am in a hurry (Scaphognathus is
> young for me).

No worries, real science is way more important than random paper requests. :D